Wednesday, July 27, 2016

800-961-1963-How to Set Up Apple ID, Check Associated Apple Devices and Fix Apple ID Locked out Error

   1.    How to See Apple ID Associated Devices Like Mac, iPad, etc?

If you have used your Apple ID with Macs and iOS device from a long time, then you know that you have gotten some sensitivity in lists of Apple devices which keeps your personal constellation of Apple hardware secure. Keeping the same ID is a little bit confusing, due to opposite restrictions. So if you confront any issue in associating your Apple ID with Devices like Mac, iPad, etc., then you can visit technical support page for Apple ID to help you add device to iTunes or Apple devices list or manage Apple devices in an effortless manner.

For getting the more reliable technical support, you can simply contact a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get relevant support for checking your Apple ID Associated Devices. Following are the ways to see Apple ID Associated Devices, like Mac, iPad:

iTunes authorizations                                  

When you launch iTunes Music Store on your Apple device, you can usually play iTunes song on three opposite computers, or you can say on series of iPods. In a brief order, you can increase that series up to 5 computers. For connecting simply, select Account View in iTunes, and iTunes will tell you how many Computer Authorizations you have connected with our device. If you are unable to Authorize connected Apple devices, then dial contact phone number for Apple ID team to track if your device is already associated with an Apple id transfer or not with the help of certified Apple technicians. Read more at

    2.    How to Set Up US Apple ID?

As Apple has always been proactive toward ensuring the maximum protection to the credentials, it allows it’s the US Apple users to make use of different Apple ID to get an access to the iTunes Store so as to avail of its services and applications. Apple terms it as a copyright issue. While the users based in U.S.A are allowed to access almost all the goodies in iTunes Store, along with music, movies, applications, games, etc. other nationals are allowed to get an access to some limited services, such as App Store, Podcasts and iTunesU. 

But if a non-US user wants to get access to US-only contents and items on their Apple devices, he/she has to go through other ways – there is always a way-out to overcome obstacles coming in the way of accessing all contents in iTunes. Approaching a reliable tech support to set up Apple ID password on Apple device is always the best recommended procedure for a novice user.

Keep in mind; if you are going to create US Apple ID for iPad or other Apple devices, you will have to register a US account using US credit cards. If you approach a right technician, you would probably be amazed to know that the process doesn’t comprise of complex steps. Read more at

    3.    Apple iOS 10 Beta 2 Lock You Out of Apple ID

Apple security enhancing procedure ensures that Apple products you are using offer you 100% safety with a two-factor authentication (2FA) technology. Surprisingly, this security-enhancing procedure offers Apple users its own set of risks. Users of Apple’s iOS 10 beta are complaining of getting affected by unexpected issues when two-factor authentication enabled on their Apple accounts, pertaining to the locking out of their iPhones. For Apple users, it is vital to get Apple ID back using an iOS help page. For iOS 10 beta features or iOS 10 update, visit Apple ID and iOS help page and resolve all issues with adequate and relevant tech support.

When the issue was investigated, AppleBetas, a moderator, found that users with 2FA activated were not able to reset their Apple ID passwords. The users facing the same issue had the iOS 10 beta installed and also had protected their accounts with 2FA. This issue is still no resolved by Apple support center and Apple users are still trying a toll-free Apple support phone number to make things happen. For such users, getting help from 3rd party technical support companies, Intelli Atlas, is best alternative. Read more at

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