Friday, June 17, 2016

800-961-1963-Reset Forgotten Apple ID Security Questions and Password to Protect OS X Folder

   1.    How to Reset Forgotten Apple ID Security Questions?

There are times when you forgot or lose your Apple ID password and you need to do an Apple ID password reset. If you are an Apple user then you can simply choose security questions to reset your lost ID or password. Security questions are designed in such a manner that these questions are unforgettable to you but hard for others to guess. When used in concurrence with other identifying information, the questions help Apple to verify that you're the person requesting access to your account.

You might be asked a few Questions to answer one or more before you can change your password or other account information, view your device complete details, or make an iTunes purchase from a new device simply. In case you are not able to answer your security questions appropriately then you should simply dial a toll-free technical support phone number for Apple ID security questions and resolve the issue proficiently.

If you don't want security questions as you forget the answers, you can set up two-step verification or two-factor authentication in order to reset or recover your Apple ID. With two-step verification and two-factor authentication, you can simply secure your account or verify your identity. Read more at

   2.    Reset Method for Forgotten Apple ID Password

Now a days, your Apple ID is as valued and loved as your Apple iPhone. For signing into your device, you need this password ID whether it is iCloud, two-step verification, or email preferences. It’s nothing more than a tragedy if you have forgotten Apple ID password. But now there is no need to worry for this as Apple has introduced a password reset method that involves only a few simple steps.

   ·        Simply visit the Apple ID webpage on a Mac or PC.
   ·        Tap on the reset your password link just below the “Manage your Apple ID button” and reset your forgot Apple ID password.
   ·        Now enter the email associated with your Apple account on the next page and click Next.

   If you don’t remember your Apple ID, just tap on Forgot your Apple ID option or you can take help from Apple support team that offers reset method for forgotten Apple ID password in an amicable manner.

You can also reset it by getting instructions from Apple. If you have a secondary email registered linked with your Apple ID, the instructions will be emailed right to you easily. If you have security questions set up, you can recover the password on the web.

   1.     Open Safari on your browser of choice.
   2.     Type
   3.     Click on Enter your Apple ID option to start the recovery process.
   4.     Now enter your Apple ID email address.
   5.     Tap on the next option to move ahead.
   6.     Tap reset by email to have Apple send reset instructions to your registered recovery email address different than your Apple ID address. Or tap on the Security Questions to rearrange directly on the website to reset the password.

   3.    Encrypt Folders with Password Protection in OS X

If you are looking for a way with a password to protect your essential folders in Mac OS X, then you have many options. You can simply use third-party software that will encrypt your files and folders. Most of the times you need to purchase an application, but there is a free app that helps you to quickly protect the folder. In addition to this, you can use OS X’s built-in Disk Utility application to create an encrypted folder image that you can access with a password.

There are a lot of tools and apps that help you to password protect your folders, using a striking interface to do so. There are a number of ways by which you can protect OS X folder with password. For this, you can also take Apple tech team help to protect OS X folder using password in an efficient manner and systematically manage your folder. Read more at

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